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We founded this guild with a core of players who play really well together. We are looking for like minded, mature individuals to run progression content. We take raiding fun but serious we also have fun pvp sessions. So if your looking for a guild to see endgame content without the drama then you have come to the right place.
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EC Hard Mode Progress

Tealo, May 14, 12 1:47 PM.
Grats BoB Members for taking down another Denova Hard Mode boss. 

Though we have struggled with keeping member attendance up, we still have proven that we can conquer content, dispite bugs and the inexplicable need to shove swords down the Bounty Hunters throats... >.>

Grats to Tealo, Ryas and Saav for their Black hole and Campagin pieces earned this week! 

Colonel Vorgath is our next target, and with the progress we made last week, I know we can drop him we next we meet!


Hard Mode EC

Tealo, May 7, 12 12:18 PM.
Congradulations to the BoB members in attendance this last saturday, when we downed the first boss in EC Hard Mode! 

Grats belong to our newest recruit for our guild first pair of Campaign Leggings. 

After an hour on Firebrand and Stormcaller, we had the strat down, and even managed to push the boss to below 20% on our best attempt.  I have no doubts that given another hour, we would have dropped this boss as well.

Thanks again to all the members who continue to show and give support!

Explosive Conflict Progression!

Tealo, Apr 23, 12 11:19 AM.
Well done to our members who attended our raid.  Another boss down for Bob! 

We are getting closer to having every one of our raiders ready for EC Hard Mode.  A gear change for some of our normal raiders set us back a few steps, as well as people continuing not to show up.  This is not acceptable for a progression based guild, espically since we don't over recruit.

For those of us who continue this trend of not showing up, and not telling us ahead of time, will be actively replaced.  We only raid two nights a week, which is very low for a progression guild.  Our times are, and have been, consistent for the past 3 months. 

Use the site.  Its here so we can still communicate out of game. 

First week of 1.2

Tealo, Apr 16, 12 12:54 PM.
The first week of 1.2 was interesting to say the least.  Most people had a chance to indulge in the new legacy features, and even touch on the new pvp scene. 

While BoB did make an attempt at story mode EC, downing the first boss, we have had major set backs with lack of slots for raiders.  One of our mains had to use his alt in order for us to even attempt the instance. 

This is not how we will progress into new content.  We need dedicated, reliable players to fill our 8 slots, and as of right now we only have 5. 

Recruiting is open to any PT or Jugg tank for the OT position, and any class other than Inquistor for dps.  our final slot is still in review, but will be reserved for a healer.

1.2 is HERE

Tealo, Apr 11, 12 1:15 PM.
Thats right everybody, 1.2 is landing Thrusday, the 12th.  which means our raiding focus is switching to EXPLOSIVE CONFLICTS, and we need everyone to put their big boy pants back on for progression. 

Raiding has been pretty lax as of late, but new content is here.  Lets get back to it.  and we WILL be recruiting if no shows continue.  people who have bailed on us without so much as a word will be removed from the guild at the start of next week. 

So if something came up, please let us know, otherwise we will assume you have abandoned and will not be returning.
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